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Fairchild Unveils FAN5019/FAN5009 Controller/Driver

Fairchild Semiconductor International (South Portland, ME) announced its FAN5019, a multi-phase, pulse-width modulated controller, and its FAN5009, a dual, high-frequency MOSFET driver. The FAN5019 and FAN5009 form a chipset that is part of a complete VRM/VRD10.x power solution that meets the stringent power requirements of today's CPUs. The FAN5009/FAN5019 chipset is also scaleable enough to conform to the ever-evolving demands of high-performance microprocessors, which require more current than can be practically supplied by a single-phase VRM.

To meet tight power requirements, the FAN5009/FAN5019 chipset allows the regulator to scale from two, three or four phases, and converges a 12 V main supply into the highly accurate core supply voltage. In addition, the chipset can deliver up to 140 A for the CPU core from a 12 V input. The FAN5009/FAN5019 chipset also features under-voltage, over-voltage, crowbar and short-circuit protection for enhanced system safety and reliability. Additionally, the FAN5019 takes advantage of VID technology to allow seamless "on-the-fly" VID changes.

The FAN5019 is available in a 28-lead, TSSOP package, and the FAN5009 is available in an eight-lead, SOIC package. Both devices are rated for operation from 0 °C to +85 °C, and are currently available in volume production. Pricing for the FAN5019 is $1.39, and $0.60 for the FAN5009, both for 1,000-piece quantities. Available now, delivery is eight weeks for greater than 100,000-unit quantities.

Fairchild Semiconductor International
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