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Fairchild Introduces IntelliMAX Load Switches for Longer Battery Life in Home & Diagnostic Metering Applications

Fairchild Semiconductor states that it is addressing the critical need for lower power consumption and robust protection in a smaller package footprint for applications such as portable medical devices, digital cameras, GPS units, notebooks and cell phones.

As the end applications get smaller, Fairchild states that it continues to support this trend by providing solutions with high functionality in ultra-small form factors using Fairchild’s advanced integration capabilities. The latest development to address this need, the FPF110x series, part of the IntelliMAX™ portfolio of products, is said to extend the battery life of the end application while taking up less space than traditional solutions currently in use.

Unlike discrete and existing load switch solutions, the FPF110x advanced slew-rate load switches are said to offer industry-leading performance. This performance includes over 30% reduction in RDS(ON), integrated analog switch control functionality and operation from 1.2 to 4V – allowing direct load switch interconnection into most microprocessors for software-transparent operations – all in a 1x1mm WL-CSP package.

Based on an advanced generation of power CMOS silicon, the FPF110x series eliminates the need for additional input capacitors, and offers robust protection through integrated slew rate control. Slew rate options of 65 and 130µs are ideal to meet individual customer needs and provide system stability over the entire operating range to avoid voltage sags and current spikes. Additionally, ESD protection of 4kV reduces failures during manufacturing and the false readings caused by adverse ESD events. The FPF1104 and FPF1108 offer an additional integrated NMOS device for load discharge of output capacitance in off-state cycles.

The units are priced at $.75 in 1,000 piece quantities with a delivery of 6-8 weeks.

Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.
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