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Exide Intros Powerware 9315-750 UPS

Exide Electronics Inc. (Raleigh, NC) recently introduced the Powerware 9315-750, the latest addition to its Powerware Plus series of uninterruptible power systems. The 750kVA UPS is designed to be the base building block in large power solutions for superservers, telecom switching centers and other large, centralized computing operations. The Powerware 9315-750 can be paralleled for N+1 redundancy; and for applications that exceed 750kVA, the UPS can be paralleled to increase the capacity of the overall system. The paralleling can be achieved using Exide Electronics' patented, wireless Powerware HotSync technology, which is claimed to increase the availability of protected systems and allow additional modules to be added as capacity needs grow.System configurations of the Powerware 9315-750 include reverse transfer modules; Powerware HotSync parallel for capacity/redundacy capability; Hot-Tie dual input feed system; Powerware Sync Circuit; and isolated redundant. Standard features include greater than 93.9 percent efficiency; built-in DC Expert battery monitoring system design to provide accurate information on run time and battery health; internal CANBUS communication network; 12-pulse rectifier; and digital signal processing control. Available options include: Outcall Paging/Remote Notify system, which enables the UPS to automatically call for help if power or equipment problems occur; PowerVision remote monitoring software; Foreseer performance and trend analysis; active, intelligent input filter (5 percent THD); and internal modem.

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