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Eval Board Integrates Four Step-Down DC-DCs and Logic Interface

The EV5470-L-00A from Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) is an evaluation board for MP5470, a complete power management solution that integrates four high-efficiency step-down dc-dc converters and a flexible logic interface.

The COT control dc-dc converter offers fast transient response. Up to 1.6MHz programmable switching frequency significantly reduces the size of external inductors and capacitors.

The board features out-of-phase synchronization, and it supports I2C Voltage Scaling. The device has a 6.5V to 16V operating input range. It boasts low RDS(on), and operates with high efficiency. The board integrates a bootstrap capacitor.

Full protection features include OCP, UVLO, and thermal shut down.

MP5740 Block diagram

Output voltage is adjustable via an I2C bus or preset by 3 times programmable MTP (Multi-Time Programmable) eFuse. The power on/off sequence is also programmable through MTP.

The MP5470 power management solution requires a minimal number of external components. It is available in space saving 22-pin QFN (3mm x 4mm) package.

Product Features
  • High-Efficiency, Step-Down Converters
  • Quad 2A Buck Converters
  • 3A/3A/1A/1A or 3A/2A/2A/1A from Channel1-Channel4*
  • Out-of-Phase Synchronization
  • Support I2C Voltage Scaling
  • 6.5V to 16V Operating Input Range
  • Low RDS(on) and High Efficiency
  • Integrated Bootstrap Capacitor
  • 500kHz to 1.6MHz Switching Frequency
  • 500kHz to 1.6MHz Frequency SYNC Input on EN pin
  • I2C Slave Address Programmable
  • 1 GPIO pin which can be configured as “ADD”, “PG”, “Output Port” or “SYNCO”.
  • Power Save Mode or Forced CCM Mode
  • CH1 & CH2 can Program to Parallel Mode by MTP
  • CH3 & CH4 can Program to Parallel Mode by MTP
  • MTP Programmable Soft-start and Delay
  • MTP Selectable Shutdown Delay
  • MTP&I2C Programmable Current Limit
  • Hiccup Over-Current Protection System
  • I2C Slave and 3 times Programmable MTP
  • Flexible Power On/off Sequence via MTP
  • EN pin

*The maximum current is 3A/3A/2A/2A for Buck1-Buck4. But it’s also limited by the maximum junction temperature (125°C).

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