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ETAL Group opens UK R&D Center

ETAL Group announced the opening of a new UK Research and Development Center with a fast turnaround prototyping and small batch facility. It has also appointed Andrew Adams as R&D Manager. The announcements follow the acquisition by ETAL of Sussex-based transformer and wound component specialist Grandchain.

Commenting, Dan Phelan, President of ETAL said, "ETAL is flourishing in all its major markets, and the new center supports our European sales team in growing our business further. We aim to be the first choice supplier of specialist magnetic components, with designs that are custom or optimized to satisfy customers´ specific requirements. Opening a fast turnaround prototype center right here in the UK allows us to offer a rapid, flexible and very competitive service delivering the high quality standards our customers expect from ETAL."

Andrew Adams, formerly Technical Director of Grandchain, has been named Technical Manager of ETAL Group. He brings ETAL the benefit of 30 years managing the manufacturing of wound components and transformers. Commenting, he said, "ETAL Group is highly regarded in the industry for its quality and expertise. This is a great opportunity to join a global company and be part of an international business that offers its customers a fantastic range of technologies and capabilities."

At the Lewes site, ETAL will manufacture prototypes and small production batches for customers in the UK and Europe. Larger volumes can also be built in the UK, or production can be transferred to ETAL's production facilities in Estonia or Sri Lanka, depending on the needs of the project and the preferences of the customer.

At Lewes, ETAL is able to manufacture and supply custom-made wound components including conventional and toroidal transformers from simple hand-wound coils to multi-wound devices. The site has an extensive range of equipment from hand winders to high speed, multi-head, computer controlled machines. It also has facilities for encapsulation processes both under vacuum and without.

ETAL Group recently doubled its manufacturing capacity in Ratmalana, Sri Lanka to over 5000 square meters. It also has a 2400 square meter site in Estonia. These units have ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certifications. Manufacturing capabilities in  Sri Lanka include manual and automatic fine wire winding (linear and toroidal), NC and manual soldering, assembly, vacuum encapsulation, ferrite core grinding and electrical verification to fully cover the manufacturing requirements of a wide range of standard and custom designed magnetic components and assemblies.

ETAL manufactures and sells in-house developed high-performance magnetic components such as transformers and inductors, which are used in ac-dc power supplies, dc-dc converters and signal applications. Target markets include the telecom, power technology, automotive, industrial and defense industries. The majority of components are custom-designed for specific applications, but ETAL also offers a range of standard components.

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