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ET Solar Launches New Black Module Product Line in North American Markets

ET Solar Group Corp., a Nanjing-based photovoltaic ("PV") system turnkey solution provider and integrated manufacturer of PV products, announced it has received approval and listing from the California Energy Commission (CEC) for its new line of black frame and black back sheet crystalline solar modules for the North American markets, including both US and Canada.

The product line includes both mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline modules. The black mono-crystalline ET-M572B series modules are made with a black anodized aluminum frame and black triple-layer backsheet. Available in power ratings of 175/180/185 watts with conversion efficiencies of up to 14.5%, they are encapsulated with 72 pieces of 5-inch, high efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells.

The black multi-crystalline ET-P654B, ET-P660B, and ET-P672B series modules are made with a black anodized frame and black backsheet or white backsheet. They are encapsulated with 54, 60 and 72 pieces of 6-inch multi-crystalline cells respectively. Their power ratings range from 200/205/210 watt, 220/225/230 watt, and 270/275/280 watt with module conversion efficiencies up to 14.4%. The ET-M572B and ET-P660B series are compatible with micro inverter technology, which is becoming increasingly accepted in the North American markets.

The new black modules are designed to address concerns on aesthetic appeal, particularly in the residential solar market segment.

ET Solar Group Corp.
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