Ericsson Power Debuts New PMC4000 Regulator

Ericsson Power Modules (Sweden) debuted its new PMC4000 regulator, which is designed to meet the needs of DPA-L4 and the migration towards lower voltages and higher currents. The devices' most important applications are where a standard dc-dc converter for 3.3 V or 5 V is used as the power supply.

The PMC4000 offers a programmable output voltage of 0.75 V to 3.63 V, and are able to handle a wide input range of 3 V to 5.5 V. The output voltage is easily adjusted by a voltage signal, alternatively by a resistor trim. The PMC4000 family is comprised of two parts: the PMC 4318 WS with 10 A output capability, and the 16 A rated PMC 4518T WS. Reducing system power consumption, the regulators are typically 96-percent efficient. The regulators are able to operate in an ambient temperature range of -30 °C to +90 °C. Other features of the point-of-load PMC4000 include under-voltage and short-circuit protection, remote sensing, and remote on/off. Featuring a cost-efficient, open-frame design, the regulators are available in a surface-mount, industry-standard footprint package measuring 33 mm x 13.5 mm x 8.3 mm.

Ericsson Power Modules reports that its product roll-out program includes the introduction of 3.3 Vin, 5 Vin and 12 Vin PMC regulators soon.

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