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Ericsson Intros BZA 201 26 Power System For US Market

Ericsson (Sweden) introduced the BZA 201 26, the first system in its line of next generation power systems developed for the US market. The BZA 201 26 system is intended to supply reliable dc power for radio base stations and associated transmission equipment.The new system is designed to provide reliable +24V power to radio equipment and -48V to transmission and other telecom equipment. +24V is provided by 1700W switch-mode rectifiers with constant power regulation, providing operation with an efficiency of 91 percent.

Up to nine rectifiers can be housed in one cabinet, and the system can be expanded up to 44.2kW. According to Ericsson, the system’s modular, compact design allows for incremental growth and can be suited to unique site layouts.Features include password protected computer control, fiber optic communications among its units, built-in low voltage battery disconnect with programmable set points, and the capability for remote monitoring and control. The power system is designed for total, front-only access, allowing the system to be mounted against a wall, and is bottom to top ventilated, optimizing floor space.

“The introduction of this line of power systems continues to strengthen our product portfolio and reinforces Ericsson’s commitment to provide total energy solutions for our US customers,” stated Thomas Bjarnemark, vice president of Ericsson Inc., Energy Systems. “The BZA 201.26 that Ericsson is now shipping has overcome design and installation obstacles that our customers have encountered with other systems on the market.”

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