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Ericsson Introduces Wide Input Range Power Module for Power Radio Applications

Designed for systems powered by 24 or 48V batteries, Ericsson Power Modules’ PKM5000D is a quarter-brick, isolated dc-dc converter that is optimized to deliver what the company says is the highest efficiency across an ultra wide input voltage range of 18 to 75V. It is suitable for a very large range of applications in ICT, offering systems’ designers the opportunity to use the same dc-dc converter for use in 24 and 48V systems, also to power remote-feeding applications that utilize 20 to 60V line voltages with an operational margin to ensure that remote systems will always operate whatever the source voltage status is.

ICT equipment is mostly powered by 48V, but it is common in radio-applications to use 24V batteries instead. As a result, systems’ designers often have to design two versions of the same board, embedding a dedicated 48 or 24V dc-dc converter, when an ultra-wide input range module could accommodate both voltages in one single unit.

The series’ ultra-wide input range of 4:1 is primarily for use in radio-base stations equipment but not limited to. The PKM5000D is a very flexible product that is very suitable to power industrial applications using remote peripheral equipments powered through long-wires, very similar to remote feeding traditionally used in radio-base stations. Because of its performance and features, the PKM5000D is also suitable for applications such as transportation, test-equipment, process-control and others.

According to the company, the designer’s task is greatly simplified when designing multi-bus voltage boards that could be used in different applications powered by 24 and/or 48V batteries, thus simplifying inventory management and reducing cost. The first variant released in the series is a 12V tightly regulated converter with an output current of 10A. More variants will soon be offered as the series rolls out.

Because it is based on a standard quarter-brick footprint, when designers are upgrading existing 48 or 24V boards to match ’single code boards’ to cover both system voltages, without redesign the PKM5000D can replace 2:1 input dc-dc converters, accommodating both voltages in one ’single code module’.

At 120W, the PKM5000D offer 20% more power than current similar products available on the market that deliver just 100W. Further, with a half-load efficiency figure of 91.8% at 27V input voltage and 89% at 53V input voltage, the converter is very well positioned in the marketplace for ultra-wide input range products. By the simple process of using external resistors, the converter’s output voltage can be adjusted in the range of 10.8 to 13.2V, and the standard product is delivered with a remote-control that complies with negative logic, with positive logic available as an option.

Protection levels include over temperature (OTP), over current limit (OCP) and over voltage (OVP). For safety the PKM5000D has a galvanic input to output isolation of 1500V and according to Telcordia SR332, issue 1, black box technique, it offers an excellent MTBF figure of 1.47 million hours. It is compliant with the RoHS directive 2002/95/EC.

Technology-wise, Ericsson’s PKM5000D is based on a multi-layer PCB integrated transformer technology, and its power train and secondary synchronous-rectifiers have been optimized to accommodate switching parameters to meet the very specific constraints inherent to an ultra-wide input range.

In OEM quantities the PKM5000D is priced at $32.10.

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