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Ericsson Adds PKV 3000 and PKV 5000 Series DC/DC Converters

Among its products announced at last week's Applied Power Electronics Conference in Dallas, Ericsson Energy Systems (Richardson, TX) introduced the PKV 3000 and PKV 5000 series of 1.65-3.0W dc/dc converters. The new converters provide an industry standard 20x32mm footprint and full pin-for-pin compatibility with previous designs, but within a package less than 11mm high.According to Ericsson, the new PKV 3000 and 5000 units provide nearly 20 percent higher power density, in addition to line regulation improvements of a factor of 2.5 and ten-fold load regulation reductions. The converters have a 4:1 range of input voltage covering 9-36V for the PKV 3000 and 18-72V for the PKV 5000, and are designed for distributed power architectures in 24V and 48/60V dc systems. Each series includes four single and three dual output models, including a 3.3V unit not previously available. Input/output isolation has been increased to 1500Vdc, and prices have been reduced in excess of 20 percent for single output units, compared to previous designs. The MOSFET-based design provides typical efficiencies of 80-83 percent for 12V models, as well as low quiescent power of 0.3W. Full power ratings are specified to 75 degrees C ambient without extra heatsinking, providing 3.3V at 1.65W, 5V at 2.5W, or 12V and 15V at 3.0W. Line and load regulation are both +/-0.2 percent, with 60mVrms output ripple for all models.

Emerson Energy Systems (formerly Ericsson Energy Systems) , Applied Power Electronics Conference
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