EPCOS Offers TSM-LC Series Thyristor Modules

EPCOS AG (Germany) announced its TSM-LC Series of thyristor modules, which are suitable for applications in welding equipment, industrial presses and robots with electric drives. The TSM-LC Series are maintenance-free, free of wear and tear, and self-monitoring. The devices feature a typical response time of 7 ms. The series is intended for use in damped and un-damped systems.

The TSM-LC 25 and TSM-LC 50 models can handle capacitive loads up to 25 kVar and 50 kVar, respectively, at an operating voltage of 400 V. Various operating modes and data, such as power, voltage or error messages, are displayed by LEDs. With dimensions of 157 mm x 200 mm x 180 mm, the modules can also be installed where space is at a premium. Screw terminals for connection to the ac line and capacitors ensure fast and easy assembly.

Type TSM-AT has been specially developed for the higher voltage range from 525 V to 690 V. Designed for capacitive loads up to 100 kVar, it also permits permanent monitoring of line voltage, capacitor current and module temperature.

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