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EPCOS Debuts PaiD Module for Component Miniaturization

EPCOS AG (Germany) announced its new power amplifier with integrated duplexer (PaiD) module for the miniaturization of passive electronic components for the CDMA 850 mobile radio. The new PaiD device measures 8 mm x 5 mm x 1.5 mm. Due to a combination of InGaP HBT power amplifiers (PAs) featuring temperature stability with SAW duplexers and filters, the LTCC module has good electrical properties and makes significantly longer talk times possible.

Conventional solutions for the CDMA 850 mobile handsets are based on discrete designs that require PA modules, SAW duplexers, SAW filters and coupling capacitors. EPCOS has set itself the goal of integrating PAs and duplexers in LTCC modules and thus reducing space requirements significantly. As well as saving board space, customers benefit from high cost efficiency combined with improved electrical properties.

Samples are available immediately. From mid-2005, PaiD modules will be offered for the PCS band as well.

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