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Enova Intros New Series Hybrid Drive Systems

Enova Systems Inc. (Torrance, CA), a developer and manufacturer of mobile and stationary electric, hybrid and fuel cell digital power management systems, announced its newest series hybrid drive systems for heavy-duty, urban transit and delivery vehicles. The fuel efficient and environmentally friendly hybrid systems are applicable for Class 5 through Class 7 trucks as well as mid-sized to large urban transit buses.

Enova's new Hybrid Power Series hybrid drive systems are suitable for heavy-duty urban delivery and urban transit applications, and include a high torque electric drive system, all electric accessories, energy management, energy storage and power generation. The company's new hybrid systems can also be configured to generate alternating current electricity for other applications such as plug-in power tools.

Enova's new diesel generator, the power component within the system, delivers 60 kW of continuous power, and integrates seamlessly with Enova's 120 kW and 240 kW drive systems and its other digital power management components. The generator is powered by a 2.5 L Euro-3 turbo diesel and power generation is controlled by the on-board energy management system. The driver has the option of turning off the generator when silent operation is preferred. In an urban transit or urban delivery cycle, Enova's series hybrid drive systems are expected to deliver 40% to 60% in fuel savings, reduced brake maintenance costs, and significant reduction in nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide and other particulate matter emissions.

Enova Systems Inc.
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