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Enidcott Intros MC Series Inverter ProductPlatform

Endicott Research Group Inc. (ERG, Endicott, NY) introduced the MC product platform intended to provide a high-powered, economical solution for design engineers who need to provide power to liquid crystal displays that are backlit by multiple cold cathode fluorescent tubes (CCFTs). The product platform will introduce at least three new inverter series, according to ERG, all designed to work with large, high-power, multi-CCFT LCD backlighting applications, such as flat panel displays. The new MC inverters are offered in an open frame design, with fully encapsulated on-board transformers, and can each power as many as 10 CCFTs. The initial MC inverter will be part of a new Plug and Play solution that provides the same functions, size and height as ERG's IB Series, but at a lower cost. Base price for the MC inverter is less than $40 each, in quantities of 1,000 or more.

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