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Energy Storage Systems and Multigrid Inverter

BMZ GmbH cooperates with Dutch company Victron Energy B.V. in the energy storage system area. The BMZ Energy Storage System (ESS), including the products ESS 7.0 and ESS 9.0 work perfectly with an inverter from Victron – the Victron Multigrid Inverter. This combination of energy storage system and inverter is a flexible solution for storing energy and optimizing energy consumption for home use. Energy storage solutions from BMZ and Victron make users independent from power companies and reduce electricity costs through personalized energy use.

With the ESS 7.0 and ESS 9.0, solar power users are more independent from electricity prices and use the eco-friendly electricity they produce in house whenever they need it. The ESS is an environmentally-friendly lithium-ion battery technology with a service life of up to 20 years, and is suited for private households and commercial facilities. Modular lithium-ion energy storage allows the photovoltaic energy you produce to be stored in battery modules for later use. Excess energy can be fed into the network in a targeted manner.

The ESS is a powerful energy storage system with a maximum output of 18kW per module. With 5,000 full cycles, the storage system is long-lasting and can have up to a ten-year guarantee in Germany. It's very compact construction allows for modular mounting: batteries and inverter modules can be adjusted flexibly, depending on customers' needs and their desired storage capacity. Up to twelve battery modules and six 15kVA inverter can be cascaded, creating a three phase 90kVA system with 102kWh of storage.

The ESS uses a multi-stage safety concept. BMZ works with high thermal materials and electro-mechanical stability within the lithium ion technology. The storage system has both over and under-voltage monitoring on the cell level with redundant release for the battery cut-off, and offers safe protection against restarting after a deep discharge or other significant battery damage. BMZ works with a series of transportation and handling tests as part of its safe process design. Production for the new energy storage system for industrial and commercial uses will start in May of 2017.

Victron Energy b.v. , BMZ GmbH
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