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Energous and Dialog Partner on Small Form Factor Wireless Power Receiver IC

Energous Corporation today announced the availability of its DA2223 receiver chip, which is the latest addition to its family of integrated circuits. At just 1.7mm x 1.4mm and less than 0.5mm thin, the DA2223 4-port RF-to-DC wireless power chip is the smallest RF rectifier IC in the Energous technology portfolio.

Depending on the device power level, a complete WattUp wireless power receiver can be realized using a single DA2223 IC coupled with a matching circuit made from two standard discrete components and a tiny 2mm x 3mm antenna, which itself can be formed using simple printed circuit board tracking.  Such a small form factor makes it suited for use in small electronic devices where a coil-based wireless charging system is not practical.

“At just 1.7mm x 1.4mm in size, the DA2223 was designed for very small form factor applications like True-Wireless Stereo earbuds, hearing aids and wearables, which we expect to be a large part of our revenue ramp from 2019,” said Stephen R. Rizzone, president and CEO of Energous Corporation.

“Partnered with Dialog Semiconductor, we continue to innovate turnkey solutions that increase our competitive separation from older, first generation coil-based solutions. Energous and Dialog are leading the advancement of next generation wireless power technology and paving the way for the global build out of the wireless charging 2.0 ecosystem,” Rizzone added.

Energous’ new DA2223 receiver IC:

  • Features four RF-to-DC rectifiers, allowing the connection of up to four antennas for optimal freedom-of-placement while charging, or the pairing of rectifier paths for increased power
  • Supports dual frequencies (915MHz or 5.8GHz)
  • Leverages the 12-pin WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Scale Package), which offers customers flexibility in integration; max dimensions: 1.69mm x 1.39mm x 0.485mm, 0.4mm pitch
  • Complements the Energous portfolio of IC solutions, including the fully integrated WattUp power transmitter IC (DA4100) and the wireless power RF-to-DC receiver IC (DA2210)

“DA2223 expands the existing portfolio of WattUp wireless charging ICs, providing a comprehensive chipset for customers to innovate with,” said Mark Tyndall, senior vice president corporate development and strategy, and general manager, Emerging Products Business Group, at Dialog Semiconductor. “The WattUp chipset is custom-built and cost-optimized for both at-contact and over-the-air RF-based wireless charging, and with the addition of this latest receiver IC, we are able to broaden the market reach into even smaller products.”

Dialog Semiconductor plc , Energous Corporation
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