EMI-Compliant Step-Down Converters and Power Modules Reduce Design Cycles

Speed time to market and significantly reduce design cycles with EMI-compliant, Himalaya step-down switching converters and power modules from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. These solutions, which comply with CISPR 22 and EN 55022, are suited for general-purpose applications, including industrial, building automation, factory automation, communications, and consumer electronics.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) compliance is a mandatory, critical design challenge for end equipment manufacturers. Customers often fail EMI compliance after a design is completed because of the power supply IC, sub-optimal layout, filtering techniques, and component selection.

Failing EMI at this late stage requires customers to tweak their design or even start all over again from the beginning. Not only does this lead to long design cycles and jeopardize go-to-market (GTM) strategy, but it also negatively impacts cost.

Maxim’s EMI-compliant, step-down switching converters and power modules are designed with EMI challenges in mind. By reducing or even eliminating redesign, Maxim enables a path to first-time success for customers to achieve faster time to market.

These products, which are part of the Himalaya portfolio, avoid cost overruns and enable customers to keep both their GTM schedules and revenue goals on target.

They comply with CISPR 22 and EN 55022 Class A and B conducted and radiated EMC emission standards, as well as JESD22-B103/B104/B111 drop, shock, and vibration standards.

Himalaya Power Modules

Himalaya power modules integrate most of the components needed for a power supply—synchronous switching regulator IC, inductor, resistors, and capacitors—into a single, compact package.

The result is an efficient and compact fully integrated solution that complies with EMI requirements and makes power-supply design as easy as possible. Designers can migrate, as needed, between module and IC to tradeoff cost, size, and ease of use.

The high-efficiency, low-profile, wide input voltage, step-down dc-dc power modules are available in a highly integrated system-in-package (SiP) or ultra-small micro system level IC (uSLIC™) package. These ready-made, reliable, easy-to-use modules save PCB space and reduce design time for popular 5V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, and 60V voltage rails.

Himalaya power modules enable quick time to market with industry-standard manufacturing and reflow processes. Himalaya uSLIC power modules leverage advanced packaging technology to shrink the power supply solution size by 2.25 times.

A select group of Himalaya power modules are certified with compliance to the CISPR 22 electromagnetic interference (EMI) standard to help improve the first-time success rate for EMI certification of end products.

Compliant power modules include: MAXM15462 (300mA), MAXM17532 (100mA), MAXM17574 (3A), MAXM17575 (1.5A), and MAXM17761 (1A).

Himalaya Step-Down Switching Regulators

Himalaya dc-dc step-down regulators make use of the latest advancements in switching regulator and process technology to minimize power dissipation, temperature rise, solution size, and total cost-of-ownership.

Himalaya buck converters enable synchronous rectification over a wide input range of 4.5V to 60V or 4.5V to 42V, supporting output currents from 25mA to 5A with internal MOSFETs.

A robust protection scheme provides high reliability over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range. A select group of Himalaya buck converters and evaluation kits are compliant to the CISPR 22 electromagnetic interference (EMI) standard.

Compliant step-down switching converters include: MAX15062, MAX17501, MAX17502, MAX17503, MAX17504, MAX17505, MAX15462, MAX17542, MAX17543, MAX17544, and MAX17545.

“By using these step-down regulators and modules in their designs, customers can stay focused on innovation to bring differentiated solutions to the market,” said Viral Vaidya, executive business manager, Industrial & Healthcare Business Unit at Maxim Integrated.

Maxim Integrated Products Inc.
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