Emerson Network Power Expands Intermediate Bus Converter Portfolio With 16th Brick AED/ALD13B50

Emerson Network Power expanded its intermediate bus converter (IBC) portfolio with the addition of its newest 12V sixteenth brick open-loop bus converter. The AED/ALD13B50 has a wide input voltage range of 38 to 60V and delivers up to 150W of high efficiency (95% typical) output power. Designed to drive a variety of converters and discrete solutions, Emerson’s latest fixed-ratio IBC is well suited for a range of applications, including low to mid-range routers, blade servers and other equipment in the datacom/networking market where distributed power architectures are employed.

Housed in an industry-standard sixteenth-brick package (1.3" x 0.9"), the AED/ALD13B50 is said to occupy 43% less space than regular eighth-bricks, facilitating better use of valuable customer board space that typically comes at a premium. The compact form factor also boasts a high power density (up to 383 W/in3), which the company says make the converter among the highest offering available on the 12V sixteenth-brick IBC market today.

The AED/ALD13B50 is available in a low-profile open-frame design (ALD) or with an integrated heatplate (AED) construction – both through-hole and surface-mounting configurations – for optimum design flexibility. In addition, with a height of 8.5mm the surface-mount open-frame variation has an exceptionally low profile making it suitable for applications involving tight inter-board spacing or where sufficient separation between the converter and adjacent boards is needed. The converter’s pin assignment is also identical to standard quarter- and eighth-brick IBCs, facilitating familiarity and enabling an alternative compact front-end power solution for system designers.

With an estimated mean time between failures of more than one million hours, the AED/ALD13B50 is fully equipped with a variety of standard features designed to ensure best-in-class power reliability. These include non-latching, auto-recovery overcurrent and overtemperature protection, input undervoltage lockout and overvoltage protection (up to 110 percent). Other features include remote ON/OFF options and a high capacitive load limit on start-up. In addition, with a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 85°C ambient, the converters are deployable in virtually any environment.

AED/ALD13B50 converters are fully RoHS compliant – per EU directive 2002/95/EC. The converters also meet basic insulation requirements, have a minimum input-to-output isolation voltage of 1500Vdc and comply with international safety and performance standards including EN60950-1 TUV and UL/cUL 60950-1.

ALD/AED13B50 bus converters are currently available with a standard lead time to stock of eight weeks and are priced starting at $34.65 per unit in OEM quantities.

Emerson Network Power
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