Emerson Introduces Liebert MB Busway in North America for Data Center Power Distribution

Emerson Network Power introduced in North America, the Liebert MB modular busway to give data center managers flexible power delivery options to meet growing and changing IT demands.

The Liebert MB is described as a flexible, robust power distribution system, providing high-density, modular busway power distribution to racks while eliminating distribution cable clutter that restricts airflow. The Liebert MB features a modular design that makes it easy to add receptacles simply by adding more busway.

Based on the Siemens XJ-L busway, the Liebert MB busway is well suited for data centers of any size that experience frequent configuration changes and require high power distribution and more effective utilization of space. It is easily configured to meet data center requirements and can be fastened to the top of Knurr DCM racks, suspended above any rack, or installed under raised data center floors.

"As data centers move to higher densities and put increasing stress on the power infrastructure, it’s important to take steps to ensure availability," said Charles O’Donnell, Vice President of Engineering for the Liebert AC Power business of Emerson Network Power in North America. "The Liebert MB busway, an organized, modular distribution system that reduces cable clutter and air obstructions, helps data center managers increase the flexibility and reliability of their data center power distribution, while offering 15 to 30 percent savings in time and installation costs compared to traditional cable and conduit solutions."

The Liebert MB comprises three main components: a tap box that provides input connection from the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or power distribution unit (PDU) to the busway; a busway that extends three-phase power distribution over or under rows of racks; and bus plugs that enable plug-n-play distribution to individual racks or rack PDUs. Up to 12 bus plugs can be installed per 10-foot run, with six bus plugs per side or 12 bus plugs on one side. Hot swappable bus plugs keep critical systems up and running even during changes.

The Liebert MB busway is available in 100, 225 and 400A ratings, in single and dual bus configurations. It easily integrates into new or existing data center layouts and works with the entire family of Liebert row-based UPS and power distribution products including compatibility with Liebert MPX, Liebert MPH and Knurr DI-STRIP Rack PDUs. The Liebert MB busway is available in North America.

Emerson Network Power
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