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Emerson and Dell Team to Address Data Center Performance and Energy Usage

Emerson Network Power announced an agreement with Dell Inc. that is intended to help customers expand data center capacities while driving down energy costs. The Dell-Liebert Energy Smart Solutions combine Dell’s PowerEdge Energy Smart servers with Liebert XD and Liebert DS cooling systems to maximize data center performance, density and efficiency. The Dell-Liebert Energy Smart Solutions are claimed to be able to deliver an 80% increase in performance and a 42% reduction in facility power, while maintaining high levels of business continuity and availability. This is said to empower customers to simplify their IT environments, reduce data center energy consumption and reclaim data center space.

The Liebert XD system provides high-capacity overhead or rack-adjacent cooling using a high-efficiency pumped refrigerant to achieve dramatic increases in data center cooling efficiency while offering the ability to utilize existing data center infrastructure. This system is supported by the Liebert DS, which is said to be the only precision cooling system to use variable capacity Digital Scroll compressors, which balances cooling across the room while controlling humidity and filtering out harmful dust and particles. These systems are matched to Dell’s PowerEdge servers to create a scalable and efficient high-performance computing environment.

"Power and cooling, and the technology systems they support, are more interdependent than ever," said Steve Madara, Vice President and General Manager, Liebert Precision Cooling, Emerson Network Power. "Working closely with leading technology manufacturers such as Dell enables us to optimize performance, achieve greater efficiencies and support higher-capacity environments."

The Dell-Liebert Energy Smart Solutions are available worldwide, and are being jointly marketed and sold by the two companies.

Emerson Network Power , Dell Inc.
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