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Eltest Intros EL-IFB Series Interface Boards

Eltest (Mansfield, CA) announced the release of its EL-IFB Series Interface boards for serial-input electronic loads. The EL-IFB-LPT1 is intended to provide a convenient way for users to configure up to 256, ELTEST EL2, EL3 or EL4 serial-input 100W electronic loads into burn-in rack-and-load bank configurations. Typically the serial input loads are controlled with four digital I/O lines (Clock, serial data In, Latch Data, and Control Strobe) from any PC-based digital I/O board. The ELTEST interface board uses a PC's parallel port to configure burn-in racks or multi-unit load banks, saving the system cost of a digital I/O board and providing additional functionality. A 30-pin connector interfaces with the parallel port and distributes 5V power to each unit. A programmable logic chip uses the parallel port to interface to the serial-input loads. The 2" x 3" EL-IFB-LPT1 plugs directly on top of an EL2/3/4 serial load and provides screw connections to the load and IDC flat cable connections to the LPT port. The interface board additionally becomes the mating socket (to 20A capability) for the devices. Devices can be operated in parallel for higher power.The EL-IFB-LPT1 uses two rotary hexadecimal switches to decode one of 256 possible addresses for each load. The first rotary switch selects one of 16 "banks" or loads and the second selects of one 16 "devices" within a load "bank." Prices are $95 each with delivery from stock to four weeks.

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