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Eltek Valere Micropack Powers Next Generation Edge Broadband Networks

Eltek Valere announced its new Micropack, a dc power system designed for use with smaller loads such as service provider demarcation equipment.

According to the company, telecommunication providers are increasingly implementing new broadband and entertainment solutions into the homes and businesses of customers. These capabilities require power solutions that are suitable for smaller environments, but are still manageable and work with battery back up. The new Micropack system supports load ranges between 250 and 1000W, which the company states makes it an ideal solution for broadband extension and other high-speed data and telecom applications.

"With the rollout of content based services and high-speed business networks, today’s telecom market demands smaller power supplies in bigger numbers," said Morten Schoyen, Chief Marketing Officer for Eltek Valere. "The Micropack enables carriers to bring power to the customer premises through a flexible and cost effective solution."

The Micropack power system consists of the Micropack 250W rectifier, the Compack controller and distribution, that all mount on a DIN rail and is fully on-site configurable. The system includes two or four plug-in positions for the rectifier, which has a wide input operating and temperature range and is convection cooled for reliability and for harsh environments. The system also includes one position for the controller, which is an Ethernet based, "all-in-one" plug-in monitoring and control unit.

Eltek Valere
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