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Electric Auto Corp. Welcomes Veziroglu as Vice President of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Development

Electric Auto Corp. (EAC, Fort Lauderdale, FL) has announced that Professor T. Nejat Veziroglu, director of the Clean Energy Research Institute of the University of Miami (Miami, FL) and editor-in-chief of the monthly scientific journal, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, has joined EAC as vice president of hydrogen and fuel cell development. According to EAC, Veziroglu is an internationally-renowned expert on hydrogen and solar power.Veziroglu will assist the management of EAC in developing plans for the introduction of EAC's Apollo Power Plant, an on-site power system consisting of an Apollo Fuel Cell, lead-cobalt battery and solar cell for homes, farms, and commercial and industrial establishments independent of the national electric power grid.Veziroglu will also help in making plans to introduce EAC's Electric Propulsion System to fleet owners, especially electric utility companies. EAC will offer to replace electric utility batteries with a combination of the Apollo Fuel Cell, lead-cobalt battery and solar cell. The company claims that the two cells combined will result in performance equivalent to that of a gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle.

Electric Auto Corp. , University of Miami , International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
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