Economical High Resistance Chip Resistors

The HMC series from Stackpole offers resistance values up to 10 Gigohm in 5% tolerances and 100 Megohm in 1%. While standard commodity thick film chip resistors typically offer resistance values up to 10-20 Mohms, the HMC utilizes high speed thick film manufacturing and high resistivity inks to create an inexpensive surface mount solution.

This performance is useful for current detection circuitry, signal amplifiers, photomultipliers and voltage dividers.

The HMC is available in sizes from 0402 through 2512 and TCR from 200 ppm to 1500 ppm depending on resistance value and size. Pricing depends on size, resistance value, and tolerance and typically ranges from $0.02 each to $1.15 each in full reel quantities.

Contact Stackpole or a franchised distributors for volume pricing. Many popular sizes and values are in stock either directly from Stackpole or through a distribution partner.

Stackpole Electronics Inc.
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