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Eaton Expands Powerware 5125 UPS Product Line

Eaton Corp. (Cleveland, OH) announced an expansion to its family of Powerware 5125 single-phase uninterruptible power systems (UPS). The Powerware 5125 family features a 0.9 power factor for its rack-mount and two-in-one units. The 5125 5,000 VA/6,000 VA systems also offer a compact three-unit package, including batteries, providing rack space for other critical equipment such as servers and disk arrays.

Other features of the Powerware 5125 UPSs include hot-swappable batteries and power modules. By eliminating the need to power down equipment and interrupt power to protected loads, servicing the UPSs is simple and efficient. Additionally, Eaton's exclusive Advanced Battery Management® technology provides users with additional confidence. Utilizing three-stage charging and optimized recharge time, the entire 5125 family provides advance notice when batteries need replacement.

Eaton Corp.
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