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Duracell Smart Power Expands Compatibility for myGrid Charging Pad

Duracell Smart Power announced an expansion of its portfolio of personal power products with new myGrid™ kits that offer consumers the ability to charge the latest mobile devices. Recognizing the rapidly evolving needs of the modern consumer, Duracell now offers myGrid kits for Apple products, and smart phones with micro-USB ports. With the Duracell myGrid, consumers have an option to simplify the charging process.

Duracell states that myGrid makes charging simple by allowing users to charge their mobile devices without messy cords. Once the charging pad is plugged into an outlet, and devices equipped with the appropriate Power Sleeve™ or Power Clip™ and tip users can drop and go. The Duracell myGrid can charge up to four devices and can be placed in any orientation on the myGrid charging pad. It maximizes power efficiency by stopping the charge if the mobile device is fully charged and once the device is removed from the pad’s surface, myGrid will stop charging until a compatible device is placed on it.

Duracell recognizes that consumers need convenient reliable personal power for the mobile devices that are most important to them. According to global market research commissioned by the Wireless Power Consortium more than 80% of consumers surveyed see wireless power as something they would use with virtually all of their electronic devices and they expect to use it every time they charge them. Additionally, with the mobile device industry moving toward the micro-USB as the charging interface standard and the Apple iPhone as a top selling device, the new offerings from Duracell myGrid meet consumers’ evolving power needs.

"Consumers today want a simpler way of charging the devices that are vital to their day-to-day lives. With new devices being introduced at a rapid pace, we’re bringing consumers new innovations to help realize their personal power needs," said Rick June, Duracell Vice President and General Manager, North America.

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