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Dual-Output Isolated DC-DCs to Support Analog Circuitry

TDK Corporation has announced the addition of a dual-output model to the TDK-Lambda brand of CCG Series isolated dc-dc converter. TDK-Lambda Corporation will start mass production and shipment in June.

The CCG Series is isolated type on-board 15/30W dc-dc converters accept 4:1 input ranges and are packaged in a 1×1 inch footprint. Typical efficiency is 90% or greater, depending on the voltage ratings.

The dual-output model is now added, enabling the support of analog components for which the current single output model could not be possible. The Series will support a wide range of control boards in the industrial equipment market.

Because this product accepts a broad range of input voltages from 9- to 36-Vdc and from 18- to 76-Vdc, it is ideal for devices that are driven by battery and for control boards that have different voltage inputs (e.g. 12/24 Vdc type and 24/48 Vdc type).

The achievement of high efficiency by component optimization enables the use through a wide range of operating temperatures (-40 to +85 degrees C). It also reduces the area of footprint and contributes to high density implementation on control boards of devices.

Main applications are expected to include: ICT equipment (base stations, servers), Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, Test and measuring equipment, and Control boards of general industrial devices etc.

Main features and benefits

  • Dual-output model, available for supporting analog components
  • Small size, enabling 15/30W output with the shape of 1×1 inch footprint
  • Wide input voltage range, a lineup of input types from 9- to 36-Vdc and from 18- to 76-Vdc
  • Six-sided shield structure in consideration of noises, shielding the bottom by board copper foil in addition to metal case
  • High efficiency of 92% (CCG30-48-15D)
  • Broad operating temperature range, available through a wide temperature range from -40 to +85 degrees C
  • Withstand voltage of 1500Vdc (for a minute), improving safety by securing voltage resistance between input and output

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