Dual-Channel PPTC with 50% Smaller Footprint Protects Telecom Equipment from Overcurrents

Littelfuse, Inc. announced a new series of 250V Telecom PPTCs designed to help make telecom and network equipment more reliable. The TSM250-130 series protects against power cross and induced power surges as defined in ITU, Telcordia GR1089 and IEC 62368-1.

Because it combines two resistance-matched PPTCs in a single surface-mount housing, it reduces the board space required by 50%, simplifies assembly, and offers Tip and Ring resistance balance.

Part of the Littelfuse PolySwitch® family of resettable overcurrent protection devices for telecommunications and networking equipment, the new series is designed for: Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), Central Office (CO) equipment, Subscriber Line Interface Cards (SLIC), and VoIP port on set top boxes.

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“Featuring two resistance-matched PPTCs in a single surface-mount housing, the TSM250-130 Series delivers Tip and Ring overcurrent protection while using 50% less PCB area,” said Stephen Li, Global Product Manager at Littelfuse. “With its high surge capability, it helps end users comply with ITU-T K.20, K.21 and K.45 as well as Telcordia GR-1089 intra-building standards.”

The TSM250-130 Series PPTCs offer these key benefits:

  • Two 250V PPTCs in single housing reduces PCB area by 50%.
  • Resistance matched PPTCs offer Tip and Ring resistance balance.
  • Very high voltage surge capability aids compliance with industry certification.

The TSM250-130 Series PPTCs are available in tape and reel format in quantities of 3,000. Sample requests may be placed through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide.

Littelfuse Inc.
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