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Diotec Semiconductor Unveils Protectifiers

Diotec Semiconductor AG unveiled its Protectifiers® – which combine the low forward voltage drop of a Schottky diode with the robust reverse characteristic of a Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS). The company states that Protectifiers are the solution for low loss rectificaton in circuits with reverse overvoltage surges. Typical applications are output rectifiers in switched mode power supplies, free-wheeling diodes for motors and inductors or diodes for reverse polarity protection.

The Protectifiers datasheet contains a reverse power rating tested with a 10/1000µs surge, the waveform usually associated with lightning. Their performance is given by design, and does not depend on avalanching the rectifier.

Initially two products in different categories are being introduced: the TSK2520D2 is a 25A / 20V device in a TO-263AB package. It has a forward voltage of < 0.55V @ 25A and < 0.45V @ 5A. It is characterized up to 600W reverse peak pulse power on a 10/1000µs pulse, forward surges can be up to 300A for 10ms. The reverse recovery time is as low as that of a Schottky diode.

The KT20A150 is a 20A / 150V rated part in a TO-220AC package. It has a maximum working voltage of 150V and a Vf of < 0.98V @ 20A and < 0.85V @ 5A. It is specified for 800W reverse peak power on a 10/1000µs pulse, and is highly suitable for rugged industrial environments. Reverse recovery time is < 250ns and as such it can be used in systems up to 40 kHz. A special feature of the KT20 series: it comes in two versions, one with the anode connected to the heatsink, the other with the cathode connected to the TO-220 heatsink.

These are the first two products in the new product range. Other combinations of current rating/reverse energy capability/package type are possible upon customer’s request.

Diotec Semiconductor AG
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