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Diodes Inc. Introduces Small Bridge Rectifier For PoE Applications

Diodes Inc. announced the first in a series of small signal SBR® bridge rectifiers, targeting Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and LED lighting applications. The SBR05M100BLP is described as the industry’s smallest 0.5A bridge in a 3.0 x 3.0mm leadless package, providing high power dissipation in what is described as the smallest footprint available for end-user applications such as Internet Protocol (IP) phones, routers, and LED lighting equipment.

The SBR05M100BLP integrates four highly efficient SBR® diodes into one single package, eliminating the need to use four separate individual packages in a bridge configuration. It features a tiny footprint of 9mm² total physical area, which is said to be 52% smaller in total dimension area and uses 67% less board space than other standard traditional packages such as the HD-DIP case. The SBR05M100BLP also features a very low profile height of 0.6mm, making it suitable for continual reduction of thinner and more portable applications.

The SBR05M100BLP is used in applications requiring a full wave bridge rectifier to convert low voltage ac power signal to a usable dc signal for power devices. It offers a low typical forward voltage drop (VF) of 0.67V at 0.5A rated current at 25°C. In a standard application like a PoE device, the ac signal is directly supplied from the RJ45 Ethernet cable and is rectified through a bridge rectifier to a dc signal that can be used to power the device. This is said to eliminate the need for bulky external power supply or adapter to power up the PoE device.

The SBR05M100BLP achieves a continuous forward current up to 0.5A with ultra-low reverse leakage and a high forward surge capability for improved reliability. The new SBR® bridge rectifier is rated from an operating temperature of �55 to 150°C. Versions of the SBR® bridge rectifiers at 40 and 60V are currently in development and will be introduced later this year.

Diodes Inc.
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