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Digitally-Controlled LED Driver Supports Dimming to 5%

Lutron Electronics, Inc. has added a 5-Series Driver to its EcoSystem lighting control platform. An affordable, high-performance solution, the EcoSystem 5-Series LED driver provides a high-quality dimming experience for any commercial application with smooth, continuous dimming down to 5%. The Lutron EcoSystem lighting control system is comprised of digitally-addressable dimming ballasts, controls, and environmental sensors. Together, these components provide businesses with lighting energy savings of up to 60%1 while increasing space flexibility, improving occupant comfort and productivity, and reducing maintenance costs.

Lutron LED drivers ensure guaranteed compatibility with Lutron controls and sensors, in addition to 600+ fixtures from 60+ manufacturers, giving specifiers the ability to specify the fixture manufacturer of their choice with the confidence that with its unmatched LED dimming performance and reliability, the driver will provide the dimming experience users have come to expect from Lutron.

Built on the EcoSystem platform, digitally-addressable drivers allow easy implementation of stringent energy codes and green building standards (such as automatic shut-off, daylighting, and dimming for multi-level control) for small, medium, or large projects. With its ability to provide 2-way communication for light energy usage monitoring, LED module and driver failure reporting, and integration with building management systems, the driver makes it simple to manage energy usage.

"The new 5-series driver, which is rated for 50,000 hours of lifetime operation, lets specifiers, contractors, and building managers easily accommodate change," said Eric Lind, Vice-President Specification Solutions at Lutron. "Spaces can now be easily rezoned without rewiring during the design or commissioning phases, or throughout the building lifecycle, making it an affordable, flexible solution for reliably controlling LEDs," said Lind.

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