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Delta Products Corp. Unveils New Millenium Class Systems

Delta Products Corp. (Las Vegas, NV) has unveiled its new Millenium Class Systems (MCS), a family of high power-density telecom power products. Delta reports that it has simplified its remote and on-site system monitoring interfaces, as well as improved the system’s modularity.

Delta claims that carriers can operate the remote monitoring system without installing additional equipment interfaces to the power system. With a LAN connection and a TCP/IP address, service providers can interrogate and control the power system via the Internet. The monitoring equipment comes with a 10-base T connection that can be directly connected to a service provider’s Ethernet service.

Delta also announced that the user interface of its on-site software has been made easier, so that service providers can monitor and optimize power systems at the source. The system is suitable for use in outdoor cabinet applications. It is UL-listed, FCC Class B-compliant. The Millenium Class Systems are rated at 1,200A at 24Vdc, or 1,200A at -58Vdc. Systems are mounted in a reduced-height rack for battery-top mounting or a standard 7′ relay rack. Other features include hot-swappable rectifier modules, automatic load sharing, dynamic current limit and high power-density. The system is NEBS-compliant.

“With the power requirements of next-generation wireless networks remaining an uncertainty, Delta’s new enhanced MCS 3000 products have been designed to allow carriers to easily add more capacity when needed, without having to replace the existing system,” said Ed Pack, director of telecom power. “As the most user-friendly and easiest-installed and upgraded high power-density system, Delta’s enhanced Millenium Class Systems offer telecom carriers an ideal solution for both their indoor and outdoor power needs.”

Delta Products Corp.
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