Deep-Trench Process Improves of Schottky Diode Performance up to 20%

Using an advanced deep-trench process, the SDT series of Schottky diodes introduced by Diodes Incorporated delivers superior performance at similar or lower cost to planar-type Schottky diodes. The initial family of 29 devices, housed in thermally-efficient packages, provides the blocking, free-wheeling, flyback and other diode functions commonly found in a wide range of applications, such as ac-dc chargers/adapters, dc-dc up/down conversion, and ac LED lighting.

Diodes’ innovative deep-trench process enables the SDT series of Schottky diodes to achieve a forward voltage (VF) as low as 0.62V along with a leakage current of just 3.5µA. This exceptional performance results in outstanding power efficiency and contributes to smaller form-factors for end-system designs.

Within the family, maximum average rectified current ratings from 5A to 40A are offered, with peak repetitive reverse voltages (VRRM) up to 120V and forward surge currents (IFSM) as high as 280A, ensuring robust system operation across the full temperature range.

PowerDI®5, TO220AB, and ITO220AB package options all offer excellent thermal transfer properties that allow the SDT series Schottky diodes to perform reliably in demanding applications. These packages are well-suited for high-volume manufacturing and also allow the SDP parts to be used as drop-in replacements for generic planar-type Schottky diodes.

For customers who are interested at evaluating the SDT Series Schottky diodes, they are available in tubes (100 pieces/tube) priced at: $0.17 each for the 5A SDT5H100LP5 in the compact thermally efficient PowerDI5 package in quantities of 10,000 units; $0.33 each for the 20A SDT20100CT in a TO220AB package for 1,000 units; $0.39 each for the 30A SDT30100CTFP in the TO220AB package for 1,000 units.

Diodes Incorporated
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