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DC-DCs Feature High Isolation for Industrial Installations

Murata has introduced a series of high-isolation dc-dc converters developed by Murata Power Solutions. The MGJ6 wide, low-profile series converters feature a 14mm creepage and clearance distance for use in reinforced-rated isolated-gate drive-power applications in higher efficiency 690Vac industrial electrical distribution systems. They provide optimized voltages for best system performance and efficiency.

This high isolation dc-dc converter series is designed for powering high- and low-side gate-drive circuits for IGBTs and silicon and silicon carbide MOSFETs in bridge circuits used in motor control applications and industrial power installations. Rated at 6W, the dual output converters provide a wide 2:1 input voltage range with nominal values of 5-, 12- and 24-V, and with output voltages of 15/-10 Vdc, 20/-5 Vdc and 15/-5 Vdc.

Suitable for power applications that require a dc link voltage up to 3kVdc, asymmetric outputs provide an optimum drive level to maintain a high system efficiency with low EMI levels. With their frequency synchronization-capability and very low coupling capacitance, typically 13pF, EMC compliance is easier

The converters’ compact design reduces board space and development time, while their characterized dV/dt immunity of 80kV/microsecond gives users confidence in a long service life, and similarly the use of planar magnetics increases product reliability and repeatability of performance. Typical applications include motor drives/motion control, solar inverters, UPS, alternative energy (wind-power generators), high-power ac-dc conversion, traction, EV/HEV and welding.

The MGJ6 series converters offer an operating temperature range of -40 to 105 °C, with derating above 90 °C. Standard features of the patent protected converters include enable pin, short-circuit and overload protection, and a frequency synchronization pin that simplifies EMC filter design.

The series is pending IEC 61800-5-1 approval based on a high working voltage of 690Vrms maximum between primary and secondary, and similarly is also pending UL approval to UL 60950 for reinforced insulation to a working voltage of 690Vrms. As a targeted application solution featuring high isolation construction, high efficiency electronics and planar magnetics, no other manufacturer offers this type of product.

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
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