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DC-DC Converters can Drive SiC MOSFETs

To meet the tough requirements of the next generation of MOSFETs, RECOM has recently introduced two new 2W dc-dc converter series especially designed to power SiC MOSFETs. One of the challenges of driving SiC MOSFETs is the high frequency and high voltage at which they are switched. High potentials between the control and power side of a SiC MOSFET application can wear down isolation barriers, eventually causing them to fail.

The RxxP22005D and RKZ-xx2005D series come with 3kVdc, 4kVdc, and even 5.2kVdc isolation to ensure that the isolation barrier stands up to even the harshest tests. Switching SiC MOSFETs requires turn-on and turn-off voltages which are not common for other IGBT or MOSFET applications. The RxxP22005D and RKZ-xx2005D series are available with input voltages of 5V, 12V, 15V or 24V and feature asymmetric outputs of +20V and -5V to efficiently and effectively switch the SiC MOSFET.

These converters come fully equipped with an ultra-low parasitic capacitance and power sharing capabilities, and they are UL/IEC-60950-1 certified and fully compliant to RoHS2, and REACH. High operating temperatures coupled with high-frequency switching make the SiC MOSFET harsh for power supplies. RECOM offers a 3-year warranty, even in these harsh environments.

RECOM International Power GmbH
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