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DATEL Unveils LSN-16A Series SIP DC Power Converters

DATEL Inc. (Mansfield, MA) unveiled its new LSN-16A Series of non-isolated, single-in-line package (SIP) dc-dc power converters, which enable point-of-use (point-of-load) power processing. The converters take commonly available on-board voltages (3.3 V, 5 V or 12 V) and convert them to lower voltages suitable for current-hungry DSPs, ASICs, CPLDs, etc.

The LSN-16A converters accept 3.3 V/5 V inputs (3 V to 5.5 V range for "W3" models) or 12 V inputs (10 V to 14 V range for "D12" models) and deliver 0.75 V/1 V/1.2 V/1.5 V/1.8 V/2 V/2.5 V/3.3 V/5 V outputs fully rated at 16 A. The LSN-16A's fixed-frequency (220 kHz/300 kHz), synchronous buck topologies deliver conversion efficiencies as high as 96% with output noise as low as 30 mVp-p. The standard SIP packages (2 in x 0.5 in x 0.36 in) are offered in either vertical or horizontal orientations. The former occupies 0.72 in². The latter is 0.36 in high.

The LSN-16A Series offers both fixed and user-programmable output voltages. The fixed outputs (1.8 VOUT, 2.5 VOUT, etc.) are factory-trimmed by DATEL, and guarantee ±1.25% unadjusted output accuracy; the compensation schemes have been optimized for the individual VOUT's. The LSN-16A Series also fall under the DATEL Lead-Free Initiative, which eliminates all lead from printed-circuit boards and assembly and pinning processes.

In small quantities, the LSN-16A Series are priced at $25.10 each. In OEM quantities, LSN-16A pricing is $14.95 each for 10,000-piece quantities. Free sample/evaluation units (for qualified OEMs), evaluation boards, and small purchased quantities (<25 pieces) are available now from stock. Production quantities require six to eight weeks.

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