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DATEL Introduces New DTL2A-LC Burn-In Rack

DATEL Inc.'s (Mansfield, MA) new PC-controlled burn-in racks and ATE now reach 0.6V at 20A. The DTL2A-LC is a digitally controlled, optically isolated, serial-input electronic load. It is essentially a computer-controlled current source that sinks currents from 0A to 20A, at loading voltages from 0.6V to 50V, up to a maximum power of 100W.

The DTL2A-LC accepts a 12-bit, CMOS/TTL-compatible digital-input word (generated by any standard digital I/O card) and latches the data before presenting it to an on-board, 12-bit, D/A converter. The D/A output drives a near-ideal, voltage-controlled current source.

Pricing is $249 for singles and $125 in 100-unit quantities. Small quantities and consignment-evolution units for qualified OEMs are available from stock.

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