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DATEL Debuts ULQ Series DC/DC Converters

DATEL Inc. (Mansfield, MA) debuted its new ULQ Series of Q-brick dc/dc converters, which are fully rated for 15A, 20A and 25A output currents, and are specifically aimed at "middle-ground" 8A to 15A applications. The ULQ Series are the first products formally announced under the DATEL Lead-Free Initiative, which eliminates all lead from assembly and pinning processes. The ULQ employ pc boards are finished with electro-less nickel/immersion gold, and the package pins for both through-hole and surface-mount models are tin-plated copper.

The ULQ Series features output voltages of 1.2V, 1.5V, 1.8V, 2V, 2.5V and 3.3V. Below 2.5V, models are rated at either 15A or 25A. The 2.5V 3.3V models are rated at 15A or 20A. Input voltages are either 24V nominal (18V to 36V range) or 48V nominal (36V to 75V range). All models are fully isolated (2,250Vdc) and line/load regulated (±0.5%, ±0.5% maximum). The devices feature high efficiency (88% to 91%), low noise (25mVp-p to 75mVp-p), quick step response (200µsec.), and a full complement of I/O protection. Additionally, each model has a VOUT trim pin, an on/off control function, and output sense pins. Surface-mount ("M") models of the ULQ Series employ a high-temperature, plastic lead frame to maintain co-planarity (to 0.004in) and also to support the unit's heat shield, which maintains a 50°C differential between the ULQ's surface-mount components and the hot circulating air of a reflow oven.

Free sample/evaluation units and/or pre-production quantities (<25 pieces) are immediately available from stock. Production quantities require six to eight weeks. Prices for the 15A output models range from $38.50 to $61.90 for 1,000-piece to 10,000-piece quantities, and prices for the 20A/25A output models range from $43.20 to $69.50 for 1,000-piece to 10,000-piece quantities.

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