Dataforth Unveils DSCA33 Input Signal Conditioner

Dataforth Corp. (Tucson, AZ) announced its new DSCA33 RMS input signal conditioner module that provides a single channel of ac input, which is converted to its RMS dc value, filtered, isolated, amplified and converted to a standard process voltage or current output.

The DSCA33 family consists of 35 ac-coupled modules, which accept either voltage or current inputs. Ranges cover 100mVrms to 300Vrms for the voltage models and 1Arms to 5Arms for the current models. All modules operate at frequencies of 45kHz to 1kHz, and will also operate from 45Hz to 20kHz. System-side module outputs are 0Vdc to 5Vdc, 0Vdc to 10Vdc, 0mA to 1mA, 0mA to 20mA, or 4mA to 20mA, depending on the model.

Continuous overload protection is provided for up to 480V, and transient protection is provided in accordance with ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1989. For current input models, the input resistance is a constant 0.10 ohms (1A input) or 0.05 ohms (5A input).

All models operate on a wide power range of 15Vdc to 30Vdc. For current output models, a dedicated loop supply is provided in the module. The rated operating temperature is from -40 to +80 degrees C and all modules meet the requirements of EN50081-1 and EN50082-1.

Prices for the DSCA33 modules start at $259 each with delivery from stock to two weeks.

Dataforth Corp.
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