Darnell Publishes AC/DC Power Supplies Report

Although unit sales will soar, dollar growth in the ac/dc embedded power supply market will be sluggish. Worldwide, merchant ac/dc power supply sales are projected to grow from $9.1 billion in 1999 to approximately $12.2 billion in 2004, a compound annual growth rate of 5.9 percent. These trends are discussed in the new Darnell Group (Corona, CA) report, "AC/DC Converters: Global Market Forecasts and Competitive Environment."This 268-page updated report identifies the key markets for embedded ac/dc power supplies, providing detailed forecasts for all segments of this market, including Worldwide, Asian, European and North American geographical regions. Five-year forecasts are given for dollar sales, unit sales, and average selling prices (ASPs).Prices for ac/dc power supplies are falling at an unprecedented rate. For example, rapid unit growth is driving prices of PC power supplies to "unreachable" levels of under $0.10/W, and these prices will continue to fall at least 10 percent annually for the foreseeable future. Falling prices for PC ac/dc power supplies are "pulling down" the prices of other power supplies.The application segments in this report include Computers, Communications, Industrial, Instrumentation, Medical, Military/Aerospace and Consumer. Additional detailed breakdowns are given for Computers (Enterprise Servers, Servers, Workstations, Desktop, Special Systems and Peripherals) and Communications (Central Office, Wireless, Remote, Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), Network Equipment, and CATV). Forecasts are also provided by power levels (six wattage segments from under 50W to over 1kW), design types (Standard, Modified-Standard and Custom), and package styles (Open-Frame, Circuit Card, Enclosed and Rackmount).A Competitive Environment chapter profiles the top five ac/dc power supply companies in each geographical region. The current rush to mergers in the power supply industry is a reflection of high unit sales, plunging prices and subsequent slow dollar sales in the ac/dc power supply industry. A successful merger results in greater economies of scale (satisfying customer demands for lower prices) and appears to produce growth in dollar sales (satisfying investor demands).

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