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Darnell Adds Smart Grid Coverage and Analysis

As it did with digital power, energy harvesting and dc powering of buildings, Darnell Group understands the challenges posed by the smart grid. To help power supply companies capitalize on this new market, several tools and resources have been introduced, including a new "power practice" for our research team, a new Smart Grid Power Channel on, and a new conference, the Smart Grid Electronics Forum. The latter is being held in San Jose, California, October 18-20th.

"There is a wide chasm between the experience and expectations of utility executives and those of electronic equipment manufacturers. Darnell’s new power practice, our new Smart Grid Power Channel on and the Smart Grid Electronics Forum will provide bridges of understanding and communications between these two important groups," stated Jeff Shepard, President of Darnell Group. "For example, utility executives expect to build a network that will function reliably for decades while product and technology lifecycles for electronic equipment are an order of magnitude faster. Darnell’s new tools and resources will provide channels of communication to help in reconciling those conflicting expectations."

Darnell’s new power practice includes an expanding library of smart-grid-related research and analysis. Among Darnell’s smart-grid-related reports are: "DC Building Power: Economic Factors, Application Drivers, Architecture/Technology, Standards and Regulatory Developments," "Disruptive Technologies Affecting the PV Industry, Microinverters and DC-DC Solutions: Economic Factors, Application Drivers, Architecture/Packaging Trends, Technology and Regulatory Developments," and "Vehicle Electrification: Worldwide Forecasts."

The new Smart Grid Electronics Forum is being organized in cooperation with Hearst Electronics Group. Control, Communications and Security will be three of the major themes of SGEF ’10. The successful deployment of the smart grid will be dependent on numerous technology and standards developments for electronic equipment. For the smart grid to have benefits, it must be able to reliably communicate to the downstream loads and also be able to turn these loads on/off or turn them up/down as appropriate. This focused three-day international forum will serve the needs of an audience of decision makers and technology developers who are interested in learning about and contributing to practical advancements related to the emerging smart grid. The SGEF will be broadly targeted at all segments of the electronics industry including: Communications, Computing/Storage, Consumer, Power Conversion, Automotive, Alternative Energy, and so on. Stake holders in the electric utility industry, regulatory bodies, government agencies, and standard-setting organizations will also be included in the target audience. The call for papers can be found at:

The Smart Grid Power Channel provides a focused resource of industry news, new products and commentary focused on global developments in this emerging and growing area. Like all of, the Smart Grid Power Channel is updated every business day. Whenever possible, hyperlinks are included in conjunction with every reference to a company or organization, providing readers with immediate access to in-depth information directly from the source.

Darnell’s extensive library of research reports can be found at: The Smart Grid Electronics Forum web site is at:. The Smart Grid Power Channel can be found at: .

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