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Danfoss Bauer Releases BK Series Geared Motors

Danfoss Bauer (Somerset, NJ) released three-phase BK Series helical geared motors, with power from 0.075 HP to 50 HP, output speeds of 0.3 rpm to 230 rpm, and a torque range of 650 lbf-in to 163,700 lbf-in. The BK Series offers a variety of possible installation methods - foot or flange with single- or double-output shaft, shaft-mounting with hollow shaft in keyed, or a shrink-disk version with torque arm.

The robust and durable BK Series includes stator windings of insulated enameled copper wire, an aluminum die-cast cage rotor, and gear wheels made of high-tensile and case-hard steel. The gearbox housing is completely sealed for reliable operation in harsh conditions, protecting it from dust and water spray, as well as preventing lubricant loss and dirt build-up. Motor enclosures are IP65 rated as standard, with optional IP66 protection available.

Danfoss Bauer
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