Current Compensated Frame Core Power Line Chokes

Moxie Inductor announced the new Current Compensated Frame Core Power Line Chokes. The new ROHS-compliant device is vertically mounted and supplies high inductance with a low resistance. They are available in four new series' with varying rated currents.

Rated voltage for all four series is 250Vac maximum at 40°C. The operating temperature range is -25°C to +85°C with industrial temps available on request. These power line chokes are suited for use in lighting ballasts, switch-mode power supplies and industrial electronics applications.

The Moxie MOX-FCC-2413 Double Choke Series has a rated current of 0.29A to 2.93A and available inductance values of between 10mH and 100mH with a DCR from 285mΩ to 2,920mΩ. The MOX-FCC-2323 Double Choke is rated between 1.55A to 4.05A. Its inductance values range between 2.20mH and 25mH and the DCR ranges from 65mΩ to 295mΩ.

The MOX-FCC-1314 Series is also on the list of new power line double chokes. It has a rated Current between 0.45A and 1.60A, an inductance value between 10mH and 100mH and a DCR between 285mΩ and 2,920mΩ. Moxie's MOX-FCC-2915V Choke Series, rated between 0.70A and 2.30A, also has an inductance value between 10mH and 100mH with a DCR of between 185mΩ and 1,805mΩ. All four series are available in bulk or tray packaging. They are in stock at New Yorker Electronics.

Features & Benefits:

  • Current-compensated frame core double choke
  • High inductance with low resistance
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Current Rating up to 4.05A
  • Rated voltage: 250VAC maximum @ 40°C.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to +85°C
  • Bulk or Tray Packaging
  • Industrial Temps Available
Moxie Inductor
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