Current-Compensated Common-Mode Chokes

Common-mode chokes with a very-wide attenuation bandwidth are needed to reduce common-mode noise in the high-frequency range on data and signal lines. For this purpose, Wurth Electronics is adding a current compensated common mode choke in package size 0504 to its WE-CNSW HF family portfolio. Its design allows the use of a fine bifilar winding technology. Combined with a NiZn core, this enables a broadband attenuation response that operates into the GHz frequency range.

Compared with the previous 0805 design in the WE-CNSW HF series, a very-low differential-mode insertion loss is attained even at 10GHz, which makes it possible to filter even high-speed data and signal lines with such common-mode chokes without having significant impact. A special winding technology results in higher-current carrying capability, twice the current of the 0805 design.

The solderability of the component connections was also optimized, in addition gold plating does not allow connections to corrode, and it creates excellent solderability in the reflow soldering process. Samples are free upon request.

Würth Elektronik
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