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Cree Adds 2A Zero Recovery® Rectifier for PC Power Supplies

Cree, Inc. announced release of a new 2A Zero Recovery® rectifier operating at 600V. This new Schottky diode is designed specifically to meet the increasing need to reduce costs and increase efficiency in power supplies designed for desktop PCs. The new 2A SiC rectifier expands the Zero Recovery product line, which already includes 1A, 4A, 6A, 10A, and 20A diodes.

“By replacing silicon-based rectifiers with the new 2A SiC Zero Recovery rectifier, manufacturers can simplify power-supply designs and reduce size by at least a third,” said Stuart Hodge, Cree manager of applications engineering for Power Devices. “SiC offers dramatic benefits that can lead to overall cost reductions for the power supply industry, and the new 2amp rectifier is ideally suited for desktop PC power-supply applications where cost and size are critical.”

Cree’s SiC-based Zero Recovery rectifiers can simplify the Power Factor Correction Boost design by eliminating the need for snubbers and reducing component count. They can also reduce power losses, leading to cooler operating temperatures, as well as produce significantly less electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Samples of the 2A, 600V diodes are available now. In production quantities, the CSD02060A (TO-220) is priced at less than $1US/piece.

Cree Inc.
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