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Crane Aerospace Introduces New Line of EMI Filters

Power Solutions of Crane Aerospace & Electronics, a business unit of Crane Co., has announced the release of EMI Filters, FMCE-0328, FMCE-0528, FMCE-0828 and FMCE-1528. The new FMCE filters are designed to work with Crane’s Interpoint brand 28V input, 1.5 to 120W dc-dc converters and are backward compatible and fully interoperable with Interpoint brand FMH, FMC, FMD and FME filters. They have been designed to provide what is described as exceptional attenuation performance with a minimal loss of power in the filter as well as to make sure that heat generated in the filter is efficiently dissipated by the device to minimize stress on components, ensuring optimal product life.

"We developed these products to improve the attenuation of the filter and to increase the current capability of the product. The improved performance will allow us to meet and exceed requirements of MIL-STD-461 C through F (CE03, CS01, CE102, CS101)," stated Michael Osborne, Product Manager with Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Electronics Group.

The new filters will be manufactured at Crane’s MIL-PRF-38534 Class H Certified facility in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and are scheduled to begin production in March 2010. They will be available to customers in May 2010.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Power Solutions, offers Interpoint brand dc-dc converters and EMI filters with proven performance in the extreme environments of space and defense as well as the high reliability requirements for commercial air and industrial applications.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Electronics Group, is a major supplier of systems and components for critical aerospace, space and defense applications. Product and service offerings are organized in solution sets, and include Power Solutions, Microwave Systems Solutions and Microelectronics Solutions. Products are manufactured under the brand names ELDEC, Interpoint, Signal Technology and Merrimac Industries.

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