Cornell Dubilier Debuts AFK Series of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier Electronics (Liberty, SC) has introduced a series of surface-mount aluminum electrolytic capacitors that offer 40 to 60 percent lower impedance, a 30 to 50 percent smaller case size and more than twice the life of its low-ESR Type AFC capacitors. The new AFK Series capacitors can be mounted in the same board space as a tantalum chip. The aluminum caps are suited for surface-mount power filtering, bypass and decoupling. They require no voltage derating.

Vertical, cylindrical case sizes range from 4.0mm x 5.8mm to 18.0mm x 16.5mm; capacitance ranges from 3.3uF to 6.8mF, +/-20 percent; rated voltage is 6.3V to 100V; and the operating temperature is -55 to 105 degrees C.

Pricing for Cornell Dubilier's AFK Series of capacitors starts at $0.089 each. Delivery is stock to 12 weeks.

Cornell Dubilier Electronics
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