Conductive and Hybrid Conductive Aluminum Polymer Capacitors Save PCB Space

Vishay Intertechnology introduces new conductive (184 CPNS, 185 CPNZ, and 186 CPNT series) and hybrid conductive (182 CPHZ and 183 CPHT series) aluminum polymer capacitors in a variety of case sizes ranging from 4mm by 4mm by 5.5mm to 10mm by 10mm by 12.4mm. The Vishay BCcomponents devices offer longer lifetimes than standard aluminum capacitors, while providing higher ripple current and better impedance.

Market applications: conductive devices are designed for mobile devices and consumer and telecom applications; hybrid conductive devices are designed for automotive and industrial applications.

The low inductance of these devices saves PCB space and lowers costs. And these capacitors can support automatic placement and high temperature reflow soldering in accordance with JEDEC.

These conductive and hybrid conductive aluminum polymer capacitors deliver longer useful life, higher ripple current, and lower impedance compared with standard aluminum capacitors.

Product Benefits:

  • Available in case sizes from 4mm by 4mm by 5.5mm to 10mm by 10mm by 12.4mm
  • Conductive capacitors:
    • Useful life to 5000 hours at +105°C
    • Ripple current to 5600mA
    • ESR down to 9mΩ
  • Hybrid conductive capacitors:
    • Lifetime to 10,000 hours at +105°C
    • Ripple current to 2500mA
    • ESR down to 20mΩ
  • Available in AEC-Q200 qualified versions on request
  • RoHS-compliant

Key specifications:

(click on table to enlarge)

Samples and production quantities of the 182 CPHZ, 183 CPHT, 184 CPNS, 185 CPNZ, and 186 CPNT are available now, with lead times of 12 to 16 weeks for large orders.

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.
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