Compact Size, Low Profile Semi-Shielded Power Inductor Series

Bourns Inductive Components Product Line is introducing the Model SRN2510F Semi-Shielded Power Inductor Series that is compact size in size with a 2.5mm x 2mm footprint and a low profile of 1mm maximum height. These inductors are wound with flat wire on a metal alloy core, offering a low DCR and high current capacity.

Operating temperature ranges from -40 to +125 °C, the inductance range is 0.24- to 4.7-µH and the rated current range is 1.7- to 5.5-A. Typical DCR ranges from 0.018Ω to 0.180Ω.

The small footprint and low profile features, combined with low DCR and high current characteristics, make these inductors designed for ultra-thin electronic assemblies such as wearable devices, HDDs, SSDs, smartphones, LCD displays, dc-dc converters, point-of-load regulators, notebook computers, tablet computers, digital video cameras, televisions and similar applications.

Summary of features

  • Semi-shielded construction
  • Miniature size
  • Low profile, 1 mm
  • Flat wire
  • Low DCR
  • RoHS compliant and halogen free

Electrical specifications at 25°C

(click on table to enlarge)

Bourns, Inc.
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