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Compact 3-Phase EMC Filter for High Electro-Magnetic Loads

FMAD NEO is Schurter's latest single-stage EMC filter series for 3-phase systems with a neutral line. Especially compact with high performance, the new filter series is suited for use in today’s more portable industrial machines. A wide temperature range further extends its capabilities for use in demanding climatic applications.

According to Schurter, the FMAD NEO is especially suited for applications with high electro-magnetic loads, such as converters for photovoltaic systems, battery storage units or charging stations for electric vehicles. It is a first choice for the latest developments in fast switching frequency inverters.

Like overall trends in electronic equipment design, three-phase cabinets are increasingly downsized with the machinery they control, ultimately to occupy less floor space on plant floors. Accordingly, smaller components are required to optimize available space in the cabinet. The FMAD NEO is a completely new filter design tailored for such applications. Almost cubed, it is much more compact than older rectangular generations, using the latest materials and components to achieve a remarkably high filter attenuation relative to its compact dimensions.

The FMAD NEO filters are designed for currents from 16A to 230A at an ambient temperature of 50°C. The standard versions can be used over a wide temperature range from -40°C to 100°C. They are ENEC and cURus approved and recommended for applications up to 520Vac. The standard versions are designed for industrial applications with leakage currents <13mA. Special versions for leakage-critical applications of <3mA are also available.

The filter is chassis mounted with screw terminals for safe and reliable wire terminations. A full metal flange guarantees a good earth-ground connection. Six fixing holes are provided, which allow for symmetrical mounting, or asymmetrical mounting to ensure proper wiring orientation.

Pricing for the FMAD NEO starts at $78.00 per each in 50-piece quantities.

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